Initial Consultation

This is our starting point. We meet on site to view the garden and discuss how the space is intended to be used. It also gives us the opportunity to discuss any ideas and aspirations you may already have and to discuss your budget. Following our meeting I will produce a written brief and forward it to you for approval together with a design fee based on the level of service required.

Survey and Site Analysis

Once the brief is agreed, a detailed survey of your garden will be carried out and a scale plan drawn up. If the site is complex I will recommend that this work is carried out by a surveyor.

At this stage a full site analysis will also be carried out which will highlight such things as soil type, aspect, outlook and existing trees and plants.


Using the written brief, survey and site analysis I will present a design concept plan together with a range of visuals.  All ideas and elements can be discussed and the proposed design amended accordingly.

Presentation Plan

Once the design concept has been approved, a detailed, scaled drawing is produced showing the layout of the garden. This can be used for quotations and construction.

Planting Plan

So often, plants are randomly placed together on the basis that we ‘like them individually’. As a result, they present themselves as a restless plant collection rather than a well thought out design with structure, unity and harmony. When designing a planting scheme I give very careful consideration to aspect, soil type, and site conditions and select plants accordingly. I also pay close attention to specific client requests and combine plants that create the desired ambience.

A planting plan will be prepared showing plant names, planting positions and the quantities required.


I can source plants, arrange delivery, be on site when they are delivered and offer a planting service.


I offer plant maintenance schedules for those that want to maintain their own garden but need a little guidance.